What about a Catio


What is a Catio

Catio BoB Catios are enclosures allowing your feline fur kids access to outdoor stimulus and entertainment without the risk of loss or encounters by Coyotes, Racoons and Opossums. These wild animals carry zoonotic diseases and external parasites.  Your cats will also be safe from injuries from activities associated with free roaming. 

Types of Catio BoB catios

Every Custom Catoio BoB catio design is unique but there are a few classifications  as follows

*Human/Feline shared space catio

*Feline only with cleaning/maintenance access catio

*Freestanding with or without tunnel attachment catio 

*Attached to home catio

*Window balcony box

*Patio/deck conversion both covered and non-covered 

*Wood deck sub-platform mounted type

*Poured cement slab or border footer mounted 

Types of Materials uitilized

*Wood - by far the most economic construction material for the budget minded and most requested material. 

*Aluminum - while light in weight and good lifespan construction labor costs can be expensive and very industrial-looking.

*Stainless steel- heavy in weight and like alum. higher material  labor costs to construct and mostly used in commercial applications.    


Catio BoB offers several options for your Catio BoB catio

*Bare catio-nothing but the shell and mounting cross bars for walkways and platform mounting.  

*Walkway/Platform ramp kits installed by Catio BoB. 

*Walkway/Platform ramp kits uninstalled.  

Firehose Bridges and connection strips

Here at Catio BoB we offer fire hose bridges and connection strips as well as scratch strips for our catios for long lasting use and for indoor enrichment products. 

FAQs About Catio BoB Catios

What type of mesh do you use ?

We use 1"x1" square 14 Gauge galvanized mesh good for kittens as well as full grown felines 

What are the options for decking on wood sub-platforms?

We use pressure treated  ground contact rated  pine lumber for decking and deck framing (optional plastic composite deck board on request.)

What is a Walkway/Platform Ramp kit ?

Each kit is the result of what can be designed from a 48" x 96" sheet along with the following 

*12 horizontal cross brace mounting brackets 

*12 vertical cross brace brackets brackets. 

*1- firehose scratching strip

* 1- firehose bridge connectors