Refurral programs

Are you a cat-related business or an animal welfare organization?


Catiobob has been building outdoor animal enclosures for over 18 years.  Cats have given so much to him so Catio Bob tries to give back whenever he can. Here are two easy ways to partner with us: 

1.  20% off all of our products to ANY cat-related business. This includes but is not limited to rescues,

cat café’s, sanctuary’s, etc. These products are intended for use in the facilities and for fundraisers (not for resale.)

2. We offer a reffurral program to not-for profit animal welfare organizations.

We donate 15% of any completed sales referred to us through your organization to your organization.

These are not the only ways we can work together.  We love donating pieces for fundraising 

events as well as creative ways to help based on your needs and resources. 

For more information contact